Yoga Santa Monica California: Best Parks To Practice


Yoga Santa Monica, it’s a way of life. Thanks to its lovely weather, health-conscious lifestyle, and the profound benefits of practicing in nature, Santa Monica is one of the best places to practice yoga. In addition to welcoming practitioners of all levels, the mild climate and abundant sunshine create an inviting environment to practice outdoors. It’s easier to connect with the mind and practice when you’re surrounded by nature. Despite the city’s bustling nature, finding a quiet spot to practice is crucial to inner peace


Hotchkiss Park 

  • In the heart of Santa Monica, Hotchkiss Park is a haven for yoga enthusiasts. With its stunning ocean view, gentle sea breeze, and soothing sounds of waves crashing nearby, this park provides a serene environment.
  • It’s no secret Hotchkiss Park is a favorite of yoga enthusiasts for a lot of reasons. It’s convenient, so residents and visitors can get there easily. And the serene ambiance of Hotchkiss Park, along with its natural beauty, makes a perfect setting for yoga. In addition, there’s plenty of space, so you can practice yoga in a secluded spot.
  • The best time to do yoga at Hotchkiss Park is Wednesday and Friday mornings. These days are peaceful, and there are fewer people, so you can really focus on your practice. You’ll get a magical start to your day as the sun rises, casting a warm glow on the horizon.
  • Hotchkiss Park’s East corner is a great place to unroll your mat. This serene location offers a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding greenery.
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Palisades Park – Yoga Santa Monica

  • Located adjacent to the iconic Santa Monica Pier, Palisades Park offers a unique yoga experience with its stunning coastal views and a cool breeze. There’s lots of space for yoga enthusiasts to find their perfect spot in this sprawling park, which spans several blocks.
  • If you’re a yoga lover, Palisades Park is a dream come true. You can practice yoga there while surrounded by the soothing energy of the ocean. Palisades Park offers a variety of settings for yogis, whether you like to meditate on a cliffside bluff or find your balance on the soft grass.
  • Visit Palisades Park on Mondays or Thursdays for a blissful yoga practice. During sunset, the sky paints an incredible tapestry of colors, which casts a magical glow over the entire park. 
  • You can practice yoga on the western edge of Palisades Park near the Santa Monica Pier. Let the natural beauty of Palisades Park inspire your yoga journey while you watch the sun set into the horizon, filling the sky with pink, orange, and gold hues.
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Clover Park 

  • Yoga enthusiasts can find tranquility at Clover Park, a hidden oasis in Santa Monica.
  • The central location makes Clover Park easy to get to for residents and visitors alike. Secondly, the park’s serene ambiance, lush greenery, and well-maintained facilities make it perfect for yoga. A peaceful retreat where you can deepen your practice, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, Clover Park has it all.
  • During these times, Clover Park exudes a calm and inviting energy, so you can fully immerse yourself in your practice. Mark your calendar for Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings and evenings for the best yoga experience. Find your flow among Clover Park’s vibrant flora and fauna while embracing the serenity of the surroundings.
  • Take your yoga practice to the park across the PerDayLA Mall when you visit Clover Park. This quiet place lets you find solitude and focus away from the main activity areas. Enjoy the serenity and let the gentle breeze and natural beauty of the park enhance your connection with mind, body, and spirit.
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Virginia Avenue Park – Yoga Santa Monica

  • Located in Santa Monica, Virginia Avenue Park welcomes yogis of all levels to experience the transformative power of yoga.
  • There are numerous reasons why Virginia Avenue Park is a favorite destination for yoga practitioners. With its vibrant atmosphere, friendly community, and well-maintained facilities, the park provides a welcoming environment for yoga enthusiasts to come together and practice. It’s a place where you can feel inspired and supported.
  • Take a trip to Virginia Avenue Park on Shabbat afternoons or Ashon (weekdays after sunset) if you’re looking for a yoga vibe. During these times, the park exudes a sense of calm and relaxation, providing the perfect backdrop for your yoga practice. Connect with the energy of the park and let the collective mindfulness guide you toward inner peace.
  • You’ll find a peaceful spot to hone your yoga practice across the street from Terence Mcfadden Inc at Virginia Avenue Park. This serene space allows you to find your own personal space amidst the park’s lively atmosphere. Feel the energy of the surroundings as it elevates your yoga experience.
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Barnard Way Linear Park – The Beach Yoga 

  • Santa Monica’s Barnard Way Linear Park offers a unique yoga experience with its proximity to the beach.
  • Barnard Way Linear Park – The Beach Yoga captures the essence of Santa Monica’s coastal charm. Combining the beauty of the ocean with the benefits of yoga, this park provides a refreshing and invigorating space to practice. The rhythmic sound of crashing waves inspires you as you stand on the sand.
  • It’s easy to get an unforgettable yoga session at Barnard Way Linear Park – The Beach Yoga midweek, especially at sunset. It’s when the park isn’t crowded, so it’s perfect to relax. Watch as the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant hues, enhancing the serene beauty of your yoga practice.
  • There’s a perfect spot near the playground at Barnard Way Linear Park to roll out your mat and soak up the healing energy of the beach. Embrace the soothing sounds of the ocean as they guide you to a state of bliss. This area offers a balance of calm and natural surroundings, so you can align your body, mind, and spirit.
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